DIY: Mason Jar Candle Holder

My dad and I had a great time making these mason jar candle holders. I intially made them for flower vases but think the candle looks cuter!

Tu(n)esday! : Rolling In The Deep

As of late, I have been addicted to Adele. This is one of my favorites! Hope you enjoy it!

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Vintage Inspired

{Blouse: Second-hand ($0), Skirt: Ann Taylor- Thrifted ($3), Heels: Beall’s Outlet ($9.79), Belt: Thrifted ($3), Clutch: Thrifted ($1) = Total Cost $16.79

I have had a really great weekend. A dear friend of mine was down sizing her closet and gave me practically an entire wardrobe. I am so excited to show off all these terrific pieces. She also inspired me. I knew a young girl in my church has been shopping for a formal she is attending. So, today a gave her all my formal dresses that no longer fit me. It feels really good to receive free stuff, but when you give your clothes away the feeling is almost better. Almost.

On an unrelated note, I am carrying a clutch today because my daughter is officially potty trained and I no longer have to tote around diapers and wipes. That’s a great feeling!

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Tu(n)esday! : What Happened

This weeks songs is by one of my favorite artists, Corey Smith. A few years ago when I first heard “If I could do it again,” I instantly fell in love with his music and went on a search for more. Since then, I’ve seen him live a few times and he does not disappoint. At one show he actually came straight from the hospital with his armband still in place. I call that dedication. This song is one of my favorites from him, but that list is pretty long. Don’t be surprised if you see him popping up pretty often on my Tu(n)esday! List! Anywho, hope you enjoy it: 

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T.’s List

{Blazer: Thrifted, Blouse+Boots: Catos, Jeans: Gap, Bangles: Goodies}

Sometimes it can be a challenge to write eloquent and clever posts, so instead I give you a list:

  • I attended a baby shower today
  • I had fun at said baby shower
  • I bought a new skirt today
  • I will probably wear said skirt tomorrow
  • The last picture is completely out of focus
  • F or some reason I love said picture

See, lists are just so much easier.

Love, T.

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